Some related background

One of the challenges faced by the Victorian middle class was how to deal with leisure. The importance of natural history was that it provided the middle class with an opportunity to go traveling but with the necessary alibi of scientific study. Photography became more accessible and was soon recruited to the cause of amateur natural history.

This portfolio is my creation based on such studies, documenting the infinite diverse artistry of nature back when the wild parts were still wild. This meant developing your own film even in a stream at night. These emulsions could become victim to mold, fungus and scratches. This patina of decay speaks to the terms of nature and life. These marks tell us that the past is real, another kind of memory, another way to speak. 

When we read a book, we form a visual in our minds to go with the narrative. I want this portfolio to be the visual that viewer uses to create their own narrative.

There are over 60 Giclee images printed on 100 archival rag paper. 

Richard is also an architectural photographer. He lives with his wife, Sascha, 3.5 cats and more than several  horses. He plays an old Telecaster when the conditions are right.

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