Classic Roads Summer 2014 - photorichard

Some of these thumbnails have a movie camera icon. Guys what,? It's a short movie with sound. There are some commercial portraits here that were done on the farm or while we were living at Trout Stream Farm. As of late 2018, we moved to an equine community. The horses sleep in the community barn and spend their days in the pasture behind our house. Sascha and pals ride often, we just don't have to manage the big picture anymore.

There are pics of stitches in us and horses. We have some stories but we survived. We sadly lost a couple well loved horses in the 15 years there. 

There is a selection of goats, alpaca, sheep, and Scottish Highlanders that live there now with the new owner.

Lot's of cats and other tiny creatures. Lots of dear friends.

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